ch := make(chan int, 10)
	go func() {
	for i := 0; i < 100; i++ {
		select {
		case ch <- i: // thank goodness
			log.Println(fmt.Sprintf("msgchan:%v", i))
		default: // hm, push i to storage?
			log.Println(fmt.Sprintf("default:%v", i))


var params []interface{}
err := json.Unmarshal([]byte(query), ¶ms);


package validator

import (

func isStructPtr(t reflect.Type) bool {
	return t.Kind() == reflect.Ptr && t.Elem().Kind() == reflect.Struct

func isNilOrZero(v reflect.Value) bool {
	switch v.Kind() {
		return reflect.DeepEqual(v.Interface(), reflect.Zero(v.Type()).Interface())
	case reflect.Interface, reflect.Ptr:
		return v.IsNil()

func CheckRequired(obj interface{}, fields ...string) error  {
	reflectType := reflect.TypeOf(obj)
	reflectValue := reflect.ValueOf(obj)
	if !isStructPtr(reflectType) {
		return fmt.Errorf(
			"expected unnamed object value to be a pointer to a struct but got type %s "+
				"with value %v",
	elem := reflectValue.Elem()
	for i := 0; i < len(fields); i++ {
		name := fields[i]
		val := elem.FieldByName(name)
		if isNilOrZero(val) {
			return fmt.Errorf("the field of [ %s ] can't be empty", name)
	return nil


https://github.com/jinzhu/gorm #最强,包括数据库迁移。
https://github.com/go-xorm/xorm #最少依赖


Encodings and Character Sets
Go Implementations
Graphics and Audio
GUIs and Widget Toolkits
Language and Linguistics
Operating System Interfaces
Other Random Toys, Experiments and Example Code
Scanner and Parser Generators
Simulation Modeling
Strings and Text
Virtual Machines and Languages
Web Applications
Web Libraries
Unsorted; please help!
gonova – A wrapper for libnova — Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics Library
meeus – Implementation of “Astronomical Algorithms” by Jean Meeus
novas – Interface to the Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Software (NOVAS)
go-fits – FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format image and data reader
Build Tools
colorgo – Colorize go build output
fileembed-go – This is a command-line utility to take a number of source files, and embed them into a Go package
gb – A(nother) build tool for go, with an emphasis on multi-package projects
GG – A build tool for Go in Go
go-pkg-config – lightweight clone of pkg-config
goam – A simple project build tool for Go
godag – A frontend to the Go compiler collection
goenv – goenv provides Go version and Go workspace management tools
goscons – Another set of SCons builders for Go
gotgo – An experimental preprocesor to implement ‘generics’
goxc – A build tool with a focus on cross-compiling, packaging, versioning and distribution
GVM – GVM provides an interface to manage Go versions
SCons Go Tools – A collection of builders that makes it easy to compile Go projects in SCons
cache2go – A caching library with expiration capabilities and access counters
go-cache – An in-memory key:value store/cache (similar to Memcached) library for Go, suitable for single-machine applications
gomemcache – a memcached client
gomemcached – A memcached server in go
groupcache – Caching and cache-filling library, intended as a replacement for memcached in many cases
libmemcache – Fast client and server libraries speaking memcache protocol
memcache – go memcached client, forked from YouTube Vitess
memcached – Fast memcache server, which supports persistence and cache sizes exceeding available RAM
memcached-bench – Benchmark tool for memcache servers
YBC bindings – Bindings for YBC library providing API for fast in-process blob cache
Cloud Computing
Docker – The Linux container runtime. Developed by dotCloud.
gocircuit – A distributed operating system that sits on top of the traditional OS on multiple machines in a datacenter deployment. It provides a clean and uniform abstraction for treating an entire hardware cluster as a single, monolithic compute resource. Developed by Tumblr.
gosync – A package for syncing data to and from S3.
juju – Orchestration tool (deployment, configuration and lifecycle management), developed by Canonical.
ShipBuilder – ShipBuilder is a minimalist open source platform as a service, developed by Jay Taylor.
Tsuru – Tsuru is an open source polyglot cloud computing platform as a service (PaaS), developed by Globo.com.
swift – Go language interface to Swift / Openstack Object Storage / Rackspace cloud files
Command-line Option Parsers
argcfg – Use reflection to populate fields in a struct from command line arguments
cobra – A commander for modern go CLI interactions supporting commands & POSIX/GNU flags
command – Add subcommands to your CLI, provides help and usage guide.
getopt – Yet Another getopt Library for Go. This one is like Python’s.
getopt – full featured traditional (BSD/POSIX getopt) option parsing in Go style
gnuflag – GNU-compatible flag parsing; substantially compatible with flag.
go-flags – command line option parser for go
go-options – A command line parsing library for Go
goopt – a getopt clone to parse command-line flags
options – Self documenting CLI options parser
opts.go – lightweight POSIX- and GNU- style option parsing
pflag – Drop-in replacement for Go’s flag package, implementing POSIX/GNU-style –flags.
subcommands – A concurrent, unit tested, subcommand library
go-commander – Simplify the creation of command line interfaces for Go, with commands and sub-commands, with argument checks and contextual usage help. Forked from the “go” tool code.
uggo – Yet another option parser offering gnu-like option parsing. This one wraps (embeds) flagset. It also offers rudimentary pipe-detection (commands like ls behave differently when being piped to).
Command-line Tools
GoPasswordCreator – A small tool, which creates random passwords
gich – A cross platform which utility written in Go
gocreate – Command line utility that create files from templates.
gojson – Command-line tool for manipulating JSON for use in developing Go code.
jsonpp – A fast command line JSON pretty printer.
passhash – Command-line utility to create secure password hashes
pwdgen – A small tool, which generate human password, written in Go.
tecla – Command-line editing library
DevTodo2 – A small command-line per-project task list manager.
dgolzo – LZO bindings
fast-archiver – Alternative archiving tool with fast performance for huge numbers of small files
gbacomp – A Go library to (de)compress data compatible with GBA BIOS
go-lz4 – Port of LZ4 lossless compression algorithm to Go.
go-lzss – Implementation of LZSS compression algorithm in Go
go-sevenzip – Package sevenzip implements access to 7-zip archives (wraps C interface of LZMA SDK)
go-zip – A wrapper around C library libzip, providing ability to modify existing ZIP archives.
lzma – compress/lzma package for Go
snappy-go – Google’s Snappy compression algorithm in Go
yenc – yenc decoder package
zappy – Package zappy implements the zappy block-based compression format. It aims for a combination of good speed and reasonable compression.
Configuration File Parsers
gcfg – read INI-style configuration files into Go structs; supports user-defined types and subsections
globalconf – Effortlessly persist to and read flag values from an ini config file
goconf – a configuration file parser
toml :
go-toml – Go library for the TOML language
go-toml-config – TOML-based config for Go
toml – TOML parser for Go with reflection
toml-go – An easy-to-use Go parser for the Toml format
gp-config – Subset of TOML syntax with basic and reflection APIs
yaml :
yaml – YAML support for the Go language, by Canonical
goyaml – A port of LibYAML to Go
Console User Interface
ansi – Easily create ansi escape code strings and closures to fomat, color console output
ansiterm – pkg to drive text-only consoles that respond to ANSI escape sequences
gnureadline – GNU Readline bindings
go.linenoise – Linenoise bindings (simple and easy readline with prompt, optional history, optional tab completion)
go-stfl – a thin wrapper around STFL, an ncurses-based widget toolkit
gockel – a Twitter client for text terminals
gocurse – Go bindings for NCurses
gocurses – NCurses wrapper
goncurses – An ncurses library, including the form, menu and panel extensions
gopass – Allows typing of passwords without echoing to screen
igo – A simple interactive Go interpreter built on exp/eval with some readline refinements
oh – A Unix shell written in Go
pty – obtain pseudo-terminal devices
termbox-go – A minimalist alternative to ncurses to build terminal-based user interfaces
termios – Terminal support
termon – Easy terminal-control-interface for Go.
go.sgr – Terminal/console colors and text decoration (bold,underlined,etc).
go-web-shell – Remote web shell, implements a net/http server.
BLAKE2b – Go implementation of BLAKE2b hash function
cryptoPadding – Block padding schemes implemented in Go
dkeyczar – Go port of Google’e Keyczar cryptography library
dkrcrypt – Korean block ciphers: SEED and HIGHT
dskipjack – Go implementation of the SKIPJACK encryption algorithm
go-hc128 – Go implementation of HC-128, an eSTREAM stream cipher
GoSkein – Implementation of Skein hash and Threefisch crypto for Go
keccak – A keccak (SHA-3) implementation
ketama.go – libketama-style consistent hashing
kindi – encryption command line tool
scrypt – Go implementation of Colin Percival’s scrypt key derivation function
simpleaes – AES encryption made easy
ssh.go – SSH2 Client library
siphash – SipHash: a fast short-input pseudorandom function
tiger – Tiger cryptographic hashing algorithm
whirlpool – whirlpool cryptographic hashing algorithm
cryptogo – some useful cryptography-related functions, including paddings (PKCS7, X.923), PBE with random salt and IV
Data Processing
Heka – Real time data and log file processing engine.
gostatsd – Statsd server and library.
proto – Map/Reduce/Filter etc. for Go using channels as result streams.
rrd – Bindings for rrdtool.
Data Structures
GoArrayList – GoArrayList is a Go language substitute for the Java class ArrayList, with very nearly all features.
goskiplist – A skip list implementation in Go.
itreap – An immutable ordered list, interally a treap.
ListDict – Python List and Dict for Go
skip – A fast position-addressable ordered map and multimap.
skiplist – A skip list implementation. Highly customizable and easy to use.
Skiplist – A fast indexable ordered multimap.
fifo_queue – Simple FIFO queue
go-priority-queue – An easy to use heap implementation with a conventional priority queue interface.
go.fifo – Simple auto-resizing thread-safe fifo queue.
gopqueue – Priority queue at top of container/heap
gringo – A minimalist queue implemented using a stripped-down lock-free ringbuffer
figo – A simple fifo queue with an optional thread-safe version.
queued – A simple network queue daemon
goraph – Graph Visualization, Algorithms
b – Package b implements B+trees with delayed page split/concat and O(1) enumeration. Easy production of source code for B+trees specialized for user defined key and value types is supported by a simple text replace.
btree – Package btree implements B-trees with fixed size keys, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Btree
go-avltree – AVL tree (Adel’son-Vel’skii & Landis) with indexing added
go-darts – Double-ARray Trie System for golang
go-stree – A segment tree implementation for range queries on intervals
GoLLRB – A Left-Leaning Red-Black (LLRB) implementation of 2-3 balanced binary search trees in Google Go
rbtree – Yet another red-black tree implementation, with a C++ STL-like API
rtreego – an R-Tree library
gotree – Tree Visualization, Algorithms
asyncwr – Asynchronous, non-blocking, wrapper for io.Writer
bigendian – binary parsing and printing
collections – Several common data structures
data-structures – A collection of data-structures (AVL Tree, B+Tree, Ternary Search Trie, Hash Table (Separate Chaining), Linear Hash Table)
deepcopy – Make deep copies of data structures
dgobloom – A Bloom Filter implementation
epochdate – Compact dates stored as days since the Unix epoch
fsm – Minimalistic state machine for use instead of booleans
go-algs/ed – Generalized edit-distance implementation
go-algs/maxflow – An energy minization tool using max-flow algorithm.
go-extractor – Go wrapper for GNU libextractor
go-maps – Go maps generalized to interfaces
gohash – A simple linked-list hashtable that implements sets and maps
Gokogiri – A lightweight libxml wrapper library
GoNetCDF – A wrapper for the NetCDF file format library
goop – Dynamic object-oriented programming support for Go
goset – A simple, thread safe Set implementation
gotoc – A protocol buffer compiler written in Go
goxml – A thin wrapper around libxml2
itertools – Provides generic iteratable generator function along with functionality similar to the itertools python package.
jsonv – A JSON validator
libgob – A low level library for generating gobs from other languages
Picugen – A general-purpose hash/checksum digest generator.
ps – Persistent data structures
samling – Package samling implements various collection data structures.
tribool – Ternary (tree-valued) logic for Go
Tuple – Tuple is a go type that will hold mixed types / values
vcard – Reading and writing vcard file in go. Implementation of RFC 2425 (A MIME Content-Type for Directory Information) and RFC 2426 (vCard MIME Directory Profile).
x2j – Unmarshal XML doc into mapstringinterface{} or JSON
xlsx – A library to help with extracting data from Microsoft Office Excel XLSX files.
Databases and Storage
See also SQLDrivers page.

mgo – Rich MongoDB driver for Go
Go-MySQL-Driver – A lightweight and fast MySQL-Driver for Go’s database/sql package
MyMySQL – MySQL Client API written entirely in Go.
vitess – Scaling MySQL databases for the web
go-odbc – ODBC Driver for Go
odbc3-go – This package is wrapper around ODBC (version 3).
go-libpq – cgo-based Postgres driver for Go’s database/sql package
go-pgsql – A PostgreSQL client library for Go
pgsql.go – PostgreSQL high-level client library wrapper
pgx – Go PostgreSQL driver that avoids database/sql in exchange for better PostgreSQL specific support
pq – Pure Go PostgreSQL driver for database/sql
ql – A pure Go embedded (S)QL database.
Go-Redis – Client and Connectors for Redis key-value store
godis – Simple client for Redis
Tideland CGL Redis – Powerful Redis client with pub/sub support.
Redigo – Go client for Redis.
redis – Redis client for Golang
rethinkgo – Basic Go driver for RethinkDB
mattn’s go-sqlite3 – sqlite3 driver conforming to the built-in database/sql interface
gosqlite – a trivial SQLite binding for Go.
gosqlite (forked) – A fork of gosqlite
gosqlite3 – Go Interface for SQLite3
beedb – beedb is an ORM for Go. It lets you map Go structs to tables in a database
gorm – An ORM library for Go, aims for developer friendly
gorp – SQL mapper for Go
hood – Database agnostic ORM for Go. Supports Postgres and MySQL.
qbs – Query By Struct. Supports MySQL, PosgreSQL and SQLite3.
xorm – A Simple and Powerful ORM for Go.
go-modeldb – A simple wrapper around sql.DB for struct support.
Multiple wrappers
gosexy/db – an abstraction of wrappers for popular third party SQL and No-SQL database drivers.
dbm – Package dbm (WIP) implements a simple database engine, a hybrid of a hierarchical and/or a key-value one.
Diskv – Home-grown, disk-backed key-value store
etcd – Highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery
gocask – Key-value store inspired by Riak Bitcask. Can be used as pure go implementation of dbm and other kv-stores.
kv – Yet another key/value persistent store. Atomic operations, two phase commit, automatic crash recovery, …
leveldb-go – This is an implementation of the LevelDB key/value database.
levigo – levigo provides the ability to create and access LevelDB databases.
persival – Programatic, persistent, pseudo key-value storage
tiedot – A NoSQL document database engine using JSON for documents and queries; it can be embedded into your program, or run a stand-alone server using HTTP for an API.
cabinet – Kyoto Cabinet bindings for go
cass – Cassandra Client Lib
cdb.go – Create and read cdb (“constant database”) files
CodeSearch – Index and perform regex searches over large bodies of source code
couch-go – newer maintained CouchDB database binding
couchgo – The most feature complete CouchDB Adapter for Go. Modeled after couch.js.
dbxml – A basic interface to Oracle Berkeley DB XML
go-db-oracle – GO interface to Oracle DB
go-notify – GO bindings for the libnotify
go-rexster-client – Go client for the Rexster graph server (part of the TinkerPop suite of graph DB tools)
go-sphinx – A sphinx client package for Go, for full text search.
go-wikiparse – mediawiki dump parser for working with wikipedia data
gographite – statsd server in go (for feeding data to graphite)
gokabinet – Go bindings for Kyoto Cabinet DBM implementation
goprotodb – A binding to Berkeley DB storing records encoded as Protocol Buffers.
goriak – Database driver for riak database (project homepage is now on bitbucket.org)
goriakpbc – Riak driver using Riak’s protobuf interface
gotyrant – A Go wrapper for tokyo tyrant
hdfs – go bindings for libhdfs
JGDB – JGDB stands for Json Git Database
mig – Simple SQL-based database migrations
mongofixtures – A Go quick and dirty utility for cleaning MongoDB collections and loading fixtures into them.
Neo4j-GO – Neo4j REST Client in golang
neoism – Neo4j graph database client, including Cypher and Transactions support.
Optimus Cache Prime – Smart cache preloader for websites with XML sitemaps.
riako – High level utility methods for interacting with Riak databases
Weed File System – fast distributed key-file store
whisper-go – library for working with whisper databases
squirrel – Fluent SQL generation for golang
Development Tools
cwrap – Go wrapper (binding) generator for C libraries.
demand – Download, build, cache and run a Go app easily.
godev – Recompiles and runs your Go code on source change. Also watches all your imports for changes.
GoWatch – GoWatch watches your dev folder for modified files, and if a file changes it restarts the process.
glib – Bindings for GLib type system
gocog – A code generator that can generate code using any language
godiff – diff file comparison tool with colour html output
syntaxhighlighter – language-independent code syntax highlighting library
gonew – A tool to create new Go projects
go-play – A HTML5 web interface for experimenting with Go code. Like http://golang.org/doc/play but runs on your computer
gorun – Enables Go source files to be used as scripts.
go-spew – Implements a deep pretty printer for Go data structures to aid in debugging
goven – Easily copy code from another project into yours
gowatcher – Reload a specified go program automatically by monitoring a directory.
goweb – Literate programming tools for Go based on CWEB by Donald Knuth and Silvio Levy.
hopwatch – simple debugger for Go
hsandbox – Tool for quick exprimentation with Go snippets
Livedev – Livedev is a development proxy server that enables live code reloading.
liccor – A tool for updating license headers in Go source files
liteide – An go auto build tools and qt-based ide for Go
rerun – Rerun watches your binary and all its dependencies so it can rebuild and relaunch when the source changes.
trace – A simple debug tracing
godepgraph – Create a dependency graph for a go package
Emacs Tags
egotags – ETags generator
tago – Emacs TAGS generator for Go source
tago1 – etags generator for go that builds with go 1
Distributed/Grid Computing
donut – A library for building clustered services in Go
locker – A distributed lock service built on top of etcd.
Skynet – Skynet is distributed mesh of processes designed for highly scalable API type service provision.
GoDoc.org – GoDoc.org generates documentation on the fly from source on Bitbucket, Github, Google Project Hosting and Launchpad.
Mango – Automatically generate unix man pages from Go sources
godocdown – Format package documentation (godoc) as GitHub friendly Markdown
redoc – Commands documentation for Redis
sphinxcontrib-golangdomain – Sphinx domain for Go
Go conTEXT – Highlighter plugin for the conTEXT editor
Google Go for Idea – Google Go language plugin for Intellij IDEA
go-gedit – Google Go language plugin for gedit
goclipse – An Eclipse-based IDE for Go.
godev – Web-based IDE for the Go language
gofinder – (code) search tool for acme
golab – go local application builder – a web-based golang ide
tabby – Source code editor
godit – A microemacs-like text editor written in Go.
ViGo – A vim-like text editor.
Conception – Conception is an experimental research project, meant to become a modern IDE/Language package. demo video
Encodings and Character Sets
Mahonia – Character-set conversion library in Go
base58 – Human input-friendly base58 encoding
bencode-go – Encodeing and decoding the bencode format used by the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol
bsonrpc – BSON codec for net/rpc
chardet – Charset detection library ported from ICU
charmap – Character encodings in Go
go-charset – Conversion between character sets. Native Go.
go-simplejson – a Go package to interact with arbitrary JSON
go-xdr – Pure Go implementation of the data representation portion of the External Data Representation (XDR) standard protocol as specified in RFC 4506 (obsoletes RFC 1832 and RFC 1014).
gopack – Bit-packing for Go
gobson – BSON (de)serializer
iconv-go – iconv wrapper with Reader and Writer
mimemagic – Detect mime-types automatically based on file contents with no external dependencies
go-msgpack – Comprehensive MsgPack library for Go, with pack/unpack and net/rpc codec support (DEPRECATED in favor of codec )
codec-msgpack-binc High Performance and Feature-Rich Idiomatic Go Library providing encode/decode support for multiple binary serialization formats: msgpack and binc.
msgpack – Msgpack format implementation for Golang
msgpack-json – Command-line utilities to convert between msgpack and json
storable – Write perl storable data
TNetstring – tnetstrings (tagged Netstrings)
nnz – String and Int primitives that serialize to JSON and SQL null
magicmime — Mime-type detection with Go bindings for libmagic
bloxorz – Solver for bloxorz basic levels
ChessBuddy – Play chess with Go, HTML5, WebSockets and random strangers!
Fergulator – An NES emulator, using SDL and OpenGL
Gongo – A program written in Go that plays Go
Ludo Game – Ludo Board game powered by Go on Appengine
godoku – Go Sudoku Solver – example of “share by communicating”
gospeccy – A ZX Spectrum 48k Emulator
Bampf – Arcade style game based on the Vu 3D engine.
go-gdal – Go bindings for GDAL
go-liblas – Go bindings for libLAS
go-proj-4 – An interface to the Cartographic Projections Library PROJ.4
gogeos – Go library for spatial data operations and geometric algorithms
lvd.go – dense set, byte trie, reed solomon encoding, wgs84 geodesics
polyline – Google Maps polyline encoding and decoding
geom – Open Geo Consortium-style geometries with native Go GeoJSON, WKB, and WKT encoding and decoding (work-in-progress)
Go Implementations
Express Go – Interpreted Go implementation for Windows
llgo – LLVM-based Go compiler, written in Go (work-in-progress)
Graphics and Audio
AnsiGo – Simple ANSi to PNG converter written in pure Go
Arclight – Arclight is a tool for rendering images
Go-OpenGL – Go bindings for OpenGL
GoGL – OpenGL binding generator
GoMacDraw – A mac implementation of go.wde
Goop – Audio synthesizer engine
Plotinum – An API for creating plots
Winhello – An example Windows GUI hello world application
allergro – basic wrapper for the Allegro library
allegro 5 – Go Bindings for Allegro 5 library
baukasten – A modular game library.
blend – Image processing library and rendering toolkit for Go.
bmp.go – package for encoding/decoding Windows BMP files
chart – Library to generate common chart (pie, bar, strip, scatter, hstogram) in different output formats.
draw2d – This package provide an API to draw 2d geometrical form on images. This library is largely inspired by postscript, cairo, HTML5 canvas.
freetype-go – a Go implementation of FreeType
gl – OpenGL bindings using glew
glfw – bindings to the multi-platform library for opening a window, creating an OpenGL context and managing input
glfw 3 – Go bindings for GLFW 3 library
glh – OpenGL helper functions to manage text, textures, framebuffers and more
glu – bindings to the OpenGL Utility Library
egl – egl bindings
es2 – es2 bindings
go-cairo – Go wrapper for the cairo graphics library
go-gd – Go bingings for GD
go-gnuplot – go bindings for GNUPlot
go-gtk3 – gtk3 bindings for go
go-heatmap – A toolkit for making heatmaps
go-openal – Experimental OpenAL bindings for Go
go-opencl – A go wrapper to the OpenCL heterogeneous parallel programming library
gocl – Go OpenCL (gocl) binding
go-opencv – Go bindings for OpenCV
go-taglib – Go wrapper for TagLib, an audio meta-data parser
go-tmx – A Go library that reads Tiled’s TMX files
go-vlc – Go bindings for libVLC
go.wde – A windowing/drawing/event interface
GoHM – H.265/HEVC HM Video Codec in Go
GoVisa – H265/HEVC Bitstream Analyzer in Go
goHorde – Go Bindings for the Horde3d Rendering engine.
gocairo – Golang wrapper for cairo graphics library
goexif – Retrieve EXIF metadata from image files
goray – Raytracer written in Go, based on Yafaray
gosc – Pure Go OSC (Open Sound Control) library
gosdl – Go wrapper for SDL
goxscr – Go rewrites of xscreensaver ports
gst – Go bindings for GStreamer
hgui – Gui toolkit based on http and gtk-webkit.
imaging – Package imaging provides basic image manipulation functions (resize, rotate, flip, crop, etc.) as well as simplified image loading and saving.
portaudio – A Go binding to PortAudio
pulsego – Go binding for PulseAudio
resize – Image resizing with different interpolations.
starfish – A simple Go graphics and user input library, built on SDL
svgo – a library for creating and outputting SVG
tga – TARGA image format encoding/decoding library
window – Optimized moving window for real-time data
wingo – A fully-featured window manager written in Go.
wxGo – Go Wrapper for the wxWidgets GUI
x-go-binding – bindings for the X windowing system
xgb – A fork of the x-go-binding featuring support for thread safety and all X extensions.
xgbutil – A utility library to make use of the X Go Binding easier. (Implements EWMH and ICCCM specs, key binding support, etc.)
vu – Virtual Universe. A skeleton 3D engine.
GUIs and Widget Toolkits
go-fltk – FLTK2 GUI toolkit bindings for Go
go-gtk – Bindings for GTK
go-qt5 – qt5 bindings for go
go.uik – A UI kit for Go, in Go. (project is closed)
GoQuick – Go and Qt Quick experimentation
gothic – Tcl/Tk Go bindings
gotk3 – Go bindings for GTK3, requires GTK version 3.8
go-webkit2 – Go bindings for the WebKitGTK+ v2 API (w/headless browser & JavaScript support)
Gowut – Gowut (Go Web UI Toolkit) is a full-featured, easy to use, platform independent Web UI Toolkit written in pure Go, no platform dependent native code is linked or called.
iup – Bindings for IUP
mdtwm – Tiling window manager for X
qml – QML support for the Go language
go.hid – Provides communication with USB Human Interface Devices.
hwio – Hardware I/O library for SoC boards including BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi.
gortlsdr – A librtlsdr wrapper, which turns certain USB DVB-T dongles into a low-cost, general purpose software-defined radio receiver.
Language and Linguistics
alpinocorpus-go – A reader and a writer for Alpino corpora.
go-aspell – GNU Aspell spell checking library bindings for Go.
go-language – A simple language detector using letter frequency data.
go.stringmetrics – String distance metrics implemented in Go
inflect – Word inflection library (similar to Ruby ActiveSupport::Inflector). Singularize(), Pluralize(), Underscore() etc.
libtextcat – A Go wrapper for libtextcat.
textcat – N-gram based text categorization, with support for utf-8 and raw text
sego – Chinese language segmenter.
goling – String Similarity(Cosine Similarity, Levenshtein Distance), Spell Check, Segmentation
gobay – Naive Bayesian Classifier (Sentiment Analysis)
gocha – CHILDES data analyzing tool
gomata – Automata Theory, Computational Linguistics
glog – Leveled execution logs for Go
factorlog – Really fast, featureful logging infrastructure (supports colors, verbosity, and many formats)
seelog – Flexible dispatching, filtering, and formatting
timber – Configurable Logger for Go
log4go – Go logging package akin to log4j
syslog – With this package you can create your own syslog server with your own handlers for different kind of syslog messages
graylog-golang – graylog-golang is a full implementation for sending messages in GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) from Google Go (Golang) to Graylog
rfw – Rotating file writer – a ‘logrotate’-aware file output for use with loggers
Machine Learning
bayesian – A naive bayes classifier.
go-galib – Genetic algorithms.
go-porterstemmer – An efficient native Go clean room implementation of the Porter Stemming algorithm.
paicehusk – Go implementation of the Paice/Husk Stemmer
snowball – Snowball stemmer
Cvx – Convex optimization package, port of CVXOPT python package
Units – Implements types, units, converter functions and some mathematics for some common physical types. lib
bayesian – Naive Bayesian Classification for Golang
blas – Go implementation of BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)
cartconvert – cartography functions for the Go programming language
dice – Dice rolling library
evaler – A simple floating point arithmetic expression evaluator
fixed – A fixed point (Q32.32 format) math library.
geom – 2d geometry.
go.mahalanobis – Naive implementation of the Mahalanobis distance using go.matrix
go-fftw – Go bindings for FFTW – The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
go-fn – Special functions that would not fit in “math” pkg
go-gt – Graph theory algorithms
go-humanize – Formatting numbers for humans.
go-lm – Linear models in Go. Provides WLS and regression with t residuals via a cgo -> BLAS/LAPACK interface.
go-symexpr – Symbolic math as an AST with derivatives, simplification, and non-linear regression
go.matrix – a linear algebra package
gochipmunk – Go bindings to the Chipmunk Physics library.
gocomplex – a complex number library
godec – multi-precision decimal arithmetic
gographviz – Graphviz DOT language parser for golang
gomat – lightweight FAST matrix and vector math
gsl – GNU Scientific Library bindings
mathutil – Package mathutil provides utilities supplementing the standard ‘math’ and ‘rand’ packages.
mt19937_64 – Mersenne Twister int64 random source
polyclip.go – Go implementation of algorithm for Boolean operations on 2D polygons
pso-go – A library of PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) for golang.
statistics – GNU GSL Statistics (GPLv3)
vector – A small vector lib.
GCSE – Go code search engine. source
CGRates – Rating system designed to be used in telecom carriers world
Go-PhysicsFS – Go bindings for the PhysicsFS archive-access abstraction library.
go.pipeline – Library that emulates Unix pipelines
GoFlow – Flow-based and dataflow programming library for Go
GoLCS – Sovle Longest Common Sequence problem in go
Gotgo – A Go preprocessor that provides an implementation of generics
Hranoprovod – Command-line calorie tracking
Tideland CGL Monitoring – Flexible monitoring of your application
atexit – Simple atexit library
bíogo – Basic bioinformatics functions for the Go language.
cpu – A Go package that reports processor topology
cron – A library for running jobs (funcs) on a cron-formatted schedule
dbus-go – D-Bus Go library
desktop – Open file/uri with default application (cross platform)
devboard – Kanban board application based on Simple-Khanban
dump – An utility that dumps Go variables, similar to PHP’s var_dump
env – Easily pull environment variables with defaults
epub – Bindings for libepub to read epub content.
faker – Generate fake data, names, text, addresses, etca
fsnotify – File system notifications for Go
functional – Functional programming library including a lazy list implementation and some of the most usual functions.
go-amiando – Wrapper for the Amiando event management API
go-bit – An efficient and comprehensive bitset implementation with utility bit functions.
go-business-creditcard – Validate/generate credit card checksums/names.
gochem – A computational chemistry/biochemistry library.
go-ean – A minimal utility library for validating EAN-8 and EAN-13 and calculating checksums.
go-eco – Functions for use in ecology
go-erx – Extended error reporting library
go-fann – Go bindings for FANN, library for artificial neural networks
go-idn – a project to bring IDN support to Go, feature compatible with libidn
go-metrics – Go port of Coda Hale’s Metrics library
go-osx-plist – CoreFoundation Property List support for Go
go-papi – Go interface to the PAPI performance API
go-pkg-mpd – A library to access the MPD music daemon
go-pkg-xmlx – Extension to the standard Go XML package. Maintains a node tree that allows forward/backwards browser and exposes some simpel single/multi-node search functions
go-qrand – Go client for quantum random bit generator service at random.irb.hr
go-semvar – Semantic versions (see http:/semver.org)
go-taskstats – Go interface for Linux taskstats
go-translate – Google Language Translate library
go-uuid – Universal Unique IDentifier generator and parser
go.dbus – Native Go library for D-Bus
go.pcsclite – Go wrapper for pcsc-lite
goNI488 – A Go wrapper around National Instruments NI488.2 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) driver.
goPromise – Scheme-like delayed evaluation for Go
goST – A steam properties (steam table) library written for Go. This was designed as a native go equivalent to XSteam.
gocsv – Library for CSV parsing and emitting
goga – A genetic algorithm framework
gogobject – GObject-introspection based bindings generator
golife – Implementation of Game of Life for command line
gomagic – Libmagic bindings
go-magic – A Go wrapper for libmagic
go-magic – Simple interface to libmagic for Go Programming Language
gommap – gommap enables Go programs to directly work with memory mapped files and devices in a very efficient way
goneuro – Go driver for NeuroSky devices.
goplan9 – libraries for interacting with Plan 9
goraphing – A tool to generate a simple graph data structures from JSON data files
go-ses – Amazon AWS Simple Email Service (SES) API client
go-systemd – Utility functions for interacting with the systemd init system
twitterfetcher – A tool to make Twitter API requests using the Application-only authentication
gouuid – Pure Go UUID v3, 4 and 5 generator compatible with RFC4122
Prometheus Instrumentation/Metrics Client – This is a whitebox instrumentation framework for servers written in Go. It exposes programmatically-generated metrics automatically for use in the Prometheus time series collection and post-processing environment.
koans – programming koans for go
lineup – A minimalistic message queue server
mimemail – Construct plain text MIME messages for use with net/smtp.
mitigation – Package mitigation provides the possibility to prevent damage caused by bugs or exploits.
nma.go – A NotifyMyAndroid client for go.
passwd – A parser for the /etc/passwd file
pool – A generic worker pool
primegen.go – Sieve of Atkin prime number generator
procfile – A Procfile parser
randat – Devel tool for generating random bytestrings and encoding files in code-friendly forms
replaykit – A library for replaying time series data.
selenium – Selenium client
go-selenium – Selenium WebDriver client for Go
serial – Serial ports API (pure Go)
sio – Package sio lets you access old serial junk. It’s a go-gettable fork and modification of dustin’s rs232 package.
symutils – Various tools and libraries to handle symbolic links
udis86 – Go bindings for libudis86
xplor – Files tree browser for p9p acme
yubigo – Yubikey OTP validation and auhtentication API client.
go-villa – Some miscellaneous wrapper and small algorithms.(wrappers to slices, priority queues, path related apis, a string set type)
go.bitcoin – Wrapper for bitcoind daemon API, makes working with bitcoins easy.
Breaker – Breaker enables graceful degraded mode operations by means of wrapping unreliable interservice interface points with circuit breaker primitives.
Wukong – A highly extensible full-text search engine written in Go.
gotenv – Loads environment variables from .env file
go-libshout – Go bindings for libshout
gompd – A client interface for the MPD (Music Player Daemon)
portmidi – Go bindings for libportmidi
launchpad – A Go client for Novation Launchpad
Go Ajax – Go Ajax is a JSON-RPC implementation designed to create AJAX powered websites.
GoRTP – RTP / RTCP stack implementation for Go
QRP – QRP is a simple packet-based RPC protocol designed as a simple alternative to Go’s rpc, that can run over UDP
Rsync – Rsync algorithm as a Go library
Tonika – Secure social networking platform
Uniqush – A free and open source software which provides a unified push service for server-side notification to apps on mobile devices.
createsend-go – API client for Monitor http://www.campaignmonitor.com (email campaign service)
VDED – Vector Delta Engine Daemon – track deltas in ever-increasing values (written in Go)
circle – Go interface to the libcircle distributed-queue API
dmrgo – Library for with Hadoop Streaming map/reduce
doozerconfig – Go package for managing json-encoded configuration in Doozer
doozerd – A consistent distributed data store
eventsource – Server-sent events for net/http server.
gearman-go – A native implementation for Gearman API with Go.
glibvnc – Go wrapper using CGO for the libvnc library.
gmail – Simple library for sending emails from a Gmail account, for people not interested in dealing with protocol details.
go-curl – libcurl bingding that supports go func callbacks
go-dbus – A library to connect to the D-bus messaging system
go-icap – ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) server library
go-imap – IMAP client library
go-mail – Email utilities including RFC822 messages and Google Mail defaults.
nagiosplugin – package for writing Nagios/monitoring plugins
go-nntp – An NNTP client and server library for go
go-router – implementation of remote channel communication
go-rpcgen – ProtoBuf RPC binding generator for net/rpc and AppEngine
go-socket.io – A Socket.IO backend implementation written in Go
gosocks – A SOCKS (SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5) proxy client library in Go.
go9 – an implementation of the 9P distributed file system protocol
go9p – 9p protocol implementation in Go
goagain – zero-downtime restarts in Go
gobeanstalk – Go Beanstalkd client library
godwulf – Gopher server written in Go
gogammu – Library for sending and receiving SMS
gonetbench – Simple TCP benchmarking tool
gonetcheck – package for checking general internet access
gopacket – Packet encoding/decoding, pcap/pfring/afpacket support, TCP assembly, and more!
gopcap – A simple wrapper around libpcap
goprotobuf – the Go implementation of Google’s Protocol Buffers
gogoprotobuf – another Go implementation of Protocol Buffers, but with extensions and code generation plugins.
golang_protobuf_extensions – Protocol Buffer extensions to support streaming message encoding and decoding.
goq – A persistent message queue written in Go.
gosndfile – Go binding for libsndfile
gozmq – Go Bindings for 0mq (zeromq/zmq)
handlersocket-go – Go native library to connect to HandlerSocket interface of InnoDB tables
imap – Implementation of IMAP4rev1 client, as described in RFC 3501.
Inbucket – Inbucket is an email testing service; it will accept messages for any email address and make them available to view via a web interface.
ipaddr – basic functions for the manipulation of IP address prefixes and subsequent addresses as described in RFC 4632 and RFC 4291.
ipaddress – Convenient ip address functions: ip -> int, int -> ip, and IPNet broadcast address
iris – Peer-to-peer messaging for back-end decentralization.
iris-go – Go binding for the Iris decentralized messaging framework.
kafka.go – Producer & Consumer for the Kafka messaging system
ldap – Basic LDAP v3 functionality for the GO programming language.
NATS – NATS distributed messaging system client for Go
netsnail – A low-bandwidth simulator
npipe – a pure Go wrapper for Windows named pipes
netutils – Simple interface for turning TCP Sockets into channels.
opendap – Go wrapper for Openldap
protorpc – Google Protocol RPC for Go and C++
remotize – A remotize package and command that helps remotizing methods without having to chaneg their signatures for rpc
replican-sync – An rsync algorithm implementation in Go
rs232 – Serial interface for those of us who still have modems (or arduinos)
rss – RSS parsing library.
seamless – Reverse TCP Proxy with HTTP managment API
spdy – SPDY library, wired into net/http, currently supporting servers only.
statsd-go – Statsd implementation in Go, forked from gographite, which submits to Ganglia
stompngo – A Stomp 1.1 Compliant Client
stompngo_examples – Examples for stompngo.
telnet – A simple interface for interacting with Telnet connection
tcp_fallback – A TCP proxy implementing a simple fallback mechanism.
tcpmeter – A TCP throughput measuring tool
traceroute – A traceoute implementation
uritemplates – A level 4 implementation of URI Templates (RFC 6570)
sockjs-go – Implements server side counterpart for the SockJS-client browser library.
zmq2 – A Go interface to ZeroMQ (zmq, 0MQ) version 2.
zmq3 – A Go interface to ZeroMQ (zmq, 0MQ) version 3.
zmq4 – A Go interface to ZeroMQ (zmq, 0MQ) version 4.
Grumble – Mumble (VoIP) server implementation
go-sslterminator – SSL terminator proxy
gobench – HTTP/HTTPS load test and benchmark tool
Gorilla WebSocket – WebSocket protocol implementation
apiproxy – proxy for HTTP/REST APIs with configurable cache timeouts
httpfstream – streaming append and follow of HTTP resources (using WebSockets)
goproxy – a programmable HTTP proxy.
zero-downtime-daemon – Configurable zero downtime daemon (Hot Update) framework for any kind of TCP,HTTP,FCGI services
boom – HTTP(s) benchmarking tool, Apache Benchmark replacement
dns – A DNS library in Go
dyndnscd – a configurable dyndns client
GeoDNS – geo-aware authoritative DNS server
grong – Small authoritative DNS name server
mdns – Multicast DNS library for Go
https://github.com/nictuku/bitz – BitMessage client node and library
ftp – Package ftp provides a minimal FTP client as defined in RFC 959
ftp4go – An FTP client for Go, started as a port of the standard Python FTP client library
goftp – A FTP client library
Instant Messaging
GoTY – “Go Troll Yourself”, minimalist client IRC library
go-irc – Simple IRC client library
go-xmpp – XMPP client library
gobir – Extensible IRC bot with channel administration, seen support, and go documentation querying
goexmpp – XMPP client implementation
goirc – event-based stateful IRC client framework
gorobot – a modular IRC bot
irc.go – Go IRC bot framework
ircflu – IRC bot with support for commands, scripting and web-hooks
Operating System Interfaces
Go-fuse – Library to write FUSE filesystems in Go
Go FUSE file system library – From-scratch implementation of the kernel-userspace communication protocol based on Russ Cox’.
https://bitbucket.org/kardianos/service/overview – Service will install / un-install, start / stop, and run a program as a service (daemon) on Windows/Linux and OSX.
Other Random Toys, Experiments and Example Code
go-crazy – An experimental source-to-source compiler for go
go-gtk-demo – A demonstration of how to use GTK+ with Go.
go-hashmap – A hash table in pure go as an experiment in Go performance
goconc – A collection of useful concurrency idioms and functions for Go, compiled
goplay – A bunch of random small programs in Go
lifegame-on-golang – Game of Life in Go
linear – Playing around with the linear algebra
project euler in go – Solutions to Project Euler in Go also
shadergo – shader test using golang
travisci-golang-example – Travis-CI example for Go
gosequence – Slice, Map tricks, Stack, Queue
goroup – Set Theory
P2P and File Sharing
Taipei-Torrent – A BitTorrent client
ed2kcrawler – eDonkey2000 link crawler
gobit – Bittorrent Client in Go
gop2p – A simple p2p app to learn Go
wgo – A simple BitTorrent client based in part on the Taipei-Torrent and gobit code
DHT – Kademlia DHT node used by Taipei-Torrent, compatible with BitTorrent
go-clang – cgo bindings to the C-API of libclang
go-galib – a library of Genetic Algorithms
go-intset – a library to work with bounded sets of integers, including multiple alternative implementations
go-parse – a Parsec-like parsing library
godeferred – port of jsdeferred: http://cho45.stfuawsc.com/jsdeferred/
gosets – implementation of set types
Shuffle – Implementation of the Fisher–Yates shuffle (or Knuth shuffle) in Go.
Scanner and Parser Generators
ebnf2y – Utility for converting EBNF grammars into yacc compatible skeleton .y files.
fsm – FSM (NFA, DFA) utilities.
golex – Lex/flex like fast (DFA) scanners generator.
gocc – Go Compiler Compiler
gopp – Go Parser Parser
Ragel – State Machine Compiler
Simulation Modeling
godes – Library for building discrete event simulation models
funnelsort – Lazy funnel sort — a cache-oblivious sorting algorithm
Sortutil – Nested, case-insensitive, and reverse sorting for Go.
sortutil – Utilities supplemental to the Go standard “sort” package
tarjan – Graph loop detection function based on Tarjan’s algorithm
timsort – Fast, stable sort, uses external comparator or sort.Interface
Source Code Management
go-deps – Analyzes and recursively installs Go package deps (library functionality similar to go get)
go-pkgs – Finds all matching packages in all of the GOPATH trees (library functionality similar to go list all)
hggofmt – A Mercurial/hg extension with a hook to
nut – Nut is a tool to manage versioned Go source code packages, called “nuts”.
vcstool – VCS abstraction tool
go-diff – A diff command for go languange showing sematic differences of two go source files.
go-vcs – clone and check out revs of VCS repositories (git and hg support)
go-vcsurl Lenient VCS repository URL parsing library
Strings and Text
Black Friday – A markdown processor
NTemplate – Nested Templates
binarydist – Binary diff and patch
columnize – format slice or array into aligned columns
csvutil – A heavy duty CSV reading and writing library.
dgohash – Collection of string hashing functions, including Murmur3 and others
gettext – Feature complete, cgo
gettext-go – GNU’s gettext support, written in pure Go
go-guess – Go wrapper for libguess
go-migemo – migemo extension for go (Japanese incremental text search)
goini – A go library to parse INI files.
golorem – lorem ipsum generator
gosphinx – A Go client interface to the Sphinx standalone full-text search engine
gpKMP – String-matching in Golang using the Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm
hangul – Handy tools to manipulate korean character.
kasia.go – Templating system for HTML and other text documents
kview – Simple wrapper for kasia.go templates. It helps to modularize content of a website
mail.go – Parse email messages
peg – Parsing Expression Grammer Parser
polyglot – String translation utilities for Go
pretty.go – Pretty-printing for go values
rubex – A simple regular expression library that supports Ruby’s regex syntax. It is faster than Regexp.
scanner – A text scanner that parses primitive types, analogous to Java’s
segment – An implementation of Norvig’s recursive word segmentation algorithm
strogonoff – Stenography with Go
strutil – Package strutil collects utils supplemental to the standard strings package.
text – Text paragraph wrapping and formatting
go-colortext – Change the color of the text and background in the console, working both in Windows and other systems.
goskirt – Upskirt markdown library bindings for Go
downtest – Automatically run tests for all known downstream consumers of a Go package.
go2xunit – Convert “go test -v” output to xunit XML output
go.assert – helper functions for the built-in ‘testing’ package (deleted)
goautotest – Automatically run unit tests when code changes are made
GoConvey – Browser-based reporting, uses go test, supports traditional Go tests, clean DSL
gocov – Code coverage testing/analysis tool
ginkgo – BDD Testing Framework for Go.
Gocheck – Rich test framework with suites, fixtures, assertions, good error reporting, etc
gomega – Ginkgo’s Preferred Matcher Library.
gomock – a mocking framework for Go.
GoSpec – a BDD framework
gospecify – another BDD framework
go-stat – performant instrumentation/profiling for Go
go-tap – TAP (Test Anything Protocol) parser in Go
GSpec – Concurrent, minimal, extensible and reliable framework that makes it easy to organize and verify the mind model of software.
Nitro – A quick and simple profiler For Golang
testflight – Painless http testing in Go
terst – A terse, easy-to-use testing library for Go
Testify – A set of packages that provide many tools for testifying that your code will behave as you intend.
Tideland CGL Asserts – Make asserts during testing and inside of your applications
Virtual Machines and Languages
Gelo – Extensible, embeddable interpreter
GoForth – A simple Forth parser
GoLightly – A flexible and lightweight virtual machine with runtime-configurable instruction set
Golog – Prolog interpreter in Go
Minima – A language implemented in Go.
RubyGoLightly – An experimental port of TinyRb to Go
The erGo™ Compiler – An independent implementation of the Go language.
forego – Forth virtual machine
go-python – go bindings for CPython C-API
GoEmPHP – This package is built for Embedding PHP into Golang.
goenv – Create an isolated environment where you install Go packages, binaries, or even C libraries. Very similar to virtualenv for Python.
golemon – A port of the Lemon parser-generator
goll1e – An LL(1) parser generator for the Go programming language.
golua – Go wrapper for LUA’s C API
golua-fork – A fork of GoLua that works on current releases of Go
gotcl – Tcl interpreter in Go
meme – Scheme interpreter in Go
ngaro – A ngaro virtual machine to run retroForth images
otto – A JavaScript parser and interpreter written natively in Go
monkey – Embed SpiderMonkey, the Mozilla JavaScript engine, in your Go program.
go-v8 – V8 JavaScript engine bindings for Go
gomruby – mruby (mini Ruby) bindings for Go
Web Applications
Digestw – A Web Application – Twitter’s Timeline Digest
GoURLShortener – A frontend for the http://is.gd/ URL shortener
Hugo – A fast and flexible static site generator implemented in Go
Já Vai Tarde – Unfollows monitoring for Twitter
fourohfourfound – A fallback HTTP server that may redirect requests with runtime configurable redirections
goals-calendar – A web-based Seinfeld calendar implemented in Go
goblog – A static blog engine
gocrawl – A polite, slim and concurrent web crawler.
goflash – Flash player implementation in Go language
gogallery – simple web server with an emphasis on easily browsing images
goof – A simple http server to exchange files over http (upload/download)
gopages – A php-like web framework that allows embedding Go code in web pages
kurz.go – a url shortener based on web.go and redis
Monsti – Resource friendly flat file CMS for private and small business sites.
now.go – A simple HTTP-based to-do queue.
sf_server – a tiny send file server and client
webtf – Web app to graphical visualization of twitter timelines using the HTML5
rabbitmq-http – REST API for RabbitMQ
Web Libraries
GOAuth – OAuth Consumer
goauth – A library for header-based OAuth over HTTP or HTTPS.
Go-OAuth – OAuth 1.0 client
OAuth Consumer – OAuth 1.0 consumer implementation
authcookie – Package authcookie implements creation and verification of signed authentication cookies.
totp – Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm, specified in RFC 6238, works with Google Authenticator
dgoogauth – Go port of Google’s Authenticator library for one-time passwords
go-http-auth – HTTP Basic and HTTP Digest authentication
httpauth – HTTP session (cookie) based authentication and authorization
httpauth-go – Package httpauth provides utilities to support HTTP authentication policies. Support for both the basic authentication scheme and the digest authentication scheme are provided.
oauth1a – OAuth 1.0 client library
DOM handling
Cascadia – CSS selector library
GoQuery – jQuery-like DOM manipulation library, using Go’s experimental HTML package.
html-query – A fluent and functional approach to querying HTML.
HTML Transform – A CSS selector based html scraping and transformation library
Frameworks and Toolkits
Martini – Martini is a popular, lightweight, extensible package for writing modular web apps/services in Go
Beego – Beego is an open source version of the scalable, non-blocking web framework.
Go-Blog – Blog framework written in Go
Golanger – Golanger Web Framework is a lightweight framework for writing web applications in Go.
fcgi_client – Go fastcgi client with fcgi params support
Goldorak.Go – a web miniframework built using mustache.go, web.go and Go-Redis
Gongo Web – Web framework with separate data modeling, control and visualization
GoRest – An extensive configuration(tags) based RESTful style web-services framework.
HttpRouter – A high performance HTTP request router that scales well
Revel – High productivity web framework modeled on Play! Framework
Tideland CGL Web – Package for RESTful web applications
app.go – Web framework for google app engine
browserspeak – Generate HTML templates, CSS or SVG without writing < or >
falcore – Modular HTTP server framework
go-fastweb – aims to be a simple, small and clean MVC framework for go
go-rest – A small and evil REST framework for Go
go-restful – lean package for building REST-style Web Services
go-start – A high level web-framework for Go
go-urlshortener – interface to google’s urlshorten API
go-webproject – Modular web application framework and app server
goku – a Web Mvc Framework for golang, mostly like ASP.NET MVC.
golanger – Golanger Web Framework is a lightweight framework for writing web applications in Go
gorilla – Gorilla web toolkit
goweb – Lightweight RESTful web framework for Go providing Ruby on Rails style routing
Gowut – Go Web UI Toolkit is a full-featured, easy to use, platform independent Web UI Toolkit written in pure Go.
mango – Mango is a modular web-application framework for Go, inspired by Rack, and PEP333.
restclient – Client library for interacting with RESTful APIs.
sawsij – Provides a small, opinionated web framework.
trinity – MVC framework
Tiger Tonic – framework for building JSON web services inspired by Dropwizard
web.go – a simple framework to write webapps
wfdr – Simple web framework designed for and written in go. Works with other lanauges as well, but not as well.
GEP – A simple web framework similar to JSP. Writing dynamic pages knowing only Go and HTML(or Markdown)
xweb – A web framework for Go. Just like Struts for Java.
forgery – A clone of the superb Node.js web framework Express.
HTML forms
gforms – HTML forms for Golang
GoForms – Form data validation, cleaning and error reporting – a la django.forms
htmlfiller – Fills in html forms with default values and errors a la Ian Bicking’s htmlfill for Python
MonstiForm – HTML form generator and validator library
xsrftoken – A package for generating and validating tokens used in preventing XSRF attacks
revel-csrf – Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks prevention for the Revel framework
Public API Wrappers
adn – Interface to the App.net API
anaconda – Client library for the Twitter 1.1 API
clouddns.go – Go library for the Rackspace Cloud DNS API
ddg – DuckDuckGo API interface
gobo – Client library for Sina Weibo.
gocaptcha – gocaptcha provides easy access to the reCaptcha API in go.
go-dealmap – Go library for accessing TheDealMap’s API
go-dropbox – API library for dropbox
facebook – Up-to-date facebook graph API client. Handy and flexible.
go-facebook – Go implementations of facebook APIs.
go-flickr – A wrapper for Flickr’s API
go-gravatar – Wrapper for the Gravatar API
go-libGeoIP – GO Lib GeoIP API for Maxmind
gomojo – Instamojo API wrapper
gomwapi – Access mediawiki contents like wikipedia, wiktionary in golang
googtrans – unofficial go bindings for Google Translate API v2
go-recaptcha – Handles reCaptcha form submissions in Go
gorecurly – A Client app to use with Recurly’s api
go.stripe – a simple credit card processing library for Go using the Stripe API
Gotank – Searchify’s Go client for the IndexTank full-text search API
go-tripit – Go API library for the TripIt web services
GoTwilio – Twilio library for Go (golang). Very basic at the moment.
gravatar – Gravatar image/profile API library
justintv – Justin.tv REST API with oauth
postmark – Access postmark API from Go
reddit.go – Client library for Reddit API
shorturl – Generic implementation for interacting with various URL shortening services.
Stack on Go – Go wrapper for Stack Exchange API
twilio – Simple Twilio API wrapper
twittergo – Client library for Twitter’s API
adhoc-http – Quick & dirty HTTP static file server
assets – Helps prepares CSS and JS files for development and production of Go web apps.
bwl – a set of libraries to help build web sites
captcha – Image and audio captcha generator and server
gaerecords – Lightweight wrapper around appengine/datastore providing Active Record and DBO style management of data
get2ch-go – a library to access the 2channel Japanese web bulletin board
go-gzip-file-server – A net.http.Handler similar to FileServer that serves gzipped content
go-httpclient – a Go HTTP client with timeouts
go-pkg-rss – a packages that reads RSS and Atom feeds
go-rss – Simple RSS parser, tested with WordPress feeds.
go-twitter – another Twitter client
go-twitter-oauth – a simple Twitter client (supports OAuth)
gohaml – An implementation of the popular XHTML Abstraction Markup Language using the Go language.
gojwt – Json Web Tokens for Go
goreman – foreman clone
goroute – A very simple URL router based on named submatches of regular expression that works well with http.Handler .
gorouter – Simple router for go to process url variables
goscribble – An MPD Audioscrobble
GoSrv – A Go HTTP server that provides simple command line functionality, config loading, request logging, graceful connection shutdown, and daemonization.
grender – Go static site generator
halgo – HAL-compliant API client and serialisation library.
http-gonsole – Speak HTTP like a local. (the simple, intuitive HTTP console, golang version)
httprpc – HTTP RPC codecs (json2, soap, rest)
HypeCMS – A flexible CMS built with Go and MongoDb.
Kontl – A client for kon.tl’s URL shortening service
mustache.go – an implementation of the Mustache template language
muxer – Simple muxer for a Go app without regexp
Optimus Sitemap Generator – A universal XML sitemap generator
passwordreset – Creation and verification of secure tokens useful for implementation of “reset forgotten password” feature in web applications.
pat – A Sinatra style pattern muxer
persona – remote verification API for persona
plex – simple, small, light, regexp http muxer with chaining
purell – tiny Go library to normalize URLs
pusher.go – HTTP Server Push module for the standard http package
rest.go (forked) – forked rest.go for improvements and REST consistency
rest2go – Based on rest.go, forked for improvements and REST consistency
robotstxt – The robots.txt exclusion protocol implementation. Allows to parse and query robots.txt file.
RSS-Go – RSS and ATOM feed reader package for the Go programming language.
seshcookie – A web session library inspired by Beaker
user_agent – An HTTP User-Agent parser
webdriver – WebDriver (Selenium) client
webtestutil – Web and HTTP functional testing utilities. Includes Gorilla testing support.
gorefit – A library for theming existing websites
Windows Command Line Shutdow – A tool to shutdown Windows Computer from Command Prompt
gform – An easy to use Windows GUI toolkit for Go
go-Windows-begin – for the absolute Windows-Go beginner
go-ole – win32 ole implementation for golang
w32 – Windows API wrapper for Go.
walk – “Windows Application Library Kit” for the Go Programming Language
unixsums – Legacy Unix checksums: cksum, sum
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Twackup – Backs up your tweets into local files
domainerator – Command line tool to combine wordlist and suffixes/TLDs into domain names and check if they are registered or not
ebml-go – EBML decoder
gmail2go – Simple gmail multiple accounts cli mail checker
go-bindata – Converts any file into manageable Go source code for embedding binary data into a Go program.
go-cron – A small cron job system to handle scheduled tasks, such as optimizing databases or kicking idle users from chat. The cron.go project was renamed to this for go get compatibility.
go-gmetric – Ganglia gmetric protocol support
go-nat-pmp – A client for the NAT-PMP protocol used in Apple and open-source routers
go-osx-xattr – Package xattr wraps OS X functions to manipulate the extended attributes of a file, directory and symbolic link.
go-webfinger – Simple Client Implementation of WebFinger
go.psl – Go regdom-libs/public suffix list
goconsistenthash – Consistent hashing library (based on http://www.lexemetech.com/2007/11/consistent-hashing.html)
godebiancontrol – Golang debian control file parser
gographviz – Graphviz DOT language parser for golang
golor – golor is a command line tool for golang source code coloring
golsys – A library for building an evaluating Lindenmayer systems.
gopcapreader – Presents realtime pcap data as io.Reader objects
gostax – A Streaming API for XML (StAX) in go
httptail – tools push stdout/stderr to http chunked
humanize – formats large numbers into human readable small numbers
humanize-bytes – Command-line utilities to convert “MiB” etc to raw numbers, and back
img-LinuxFr.org – A reverse-proxy cache for external images used on LinuxFr.org
netstat-nat – Display NAT entries on Linux systems
seed – Easily seed PRNGs with some entropy
spellabc – Package spellabc implements spelling alphabet code word encoding.
stressdisk – Stress test your disks / memory cards / USB sticks before trusting your valuable data to them
strftime – strftime implementation
validation – Simple independent struct/key-value validation